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Into Infinity

CTCon phooooootos~ here are some of my Supergirl Cosplay. Enjoy!

Superman is my friend Will
Photos by Cantera Cosplay, Robert Huang, and GCF Photography

Finally got around to posting some photos from CTCon! Here is a few of my favorite so far. Can’t wait to show you guys the rest when I get them. :D

Anna is The Wrecked Rogue
Photography by the Wasp’s Nest


Selfie Sunday pt 1

Yay for selfies! I am the Supergirl. :3


Throwback Thursday!

Kuroshitsuji Circus Arc at Connecticon 2010

My craftsmanship has gotten significantly better since then

Photos by TheBigTog

Oh hey I remember this! Such good times~ we need to Cosplay again soon!

(PS to anyone following me I am Doll in these photos) :3


❒ single

❒ taken

✔ Letting my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset



Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans! :D


Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz

Hartford Comic Con

Cosplay by: Twin-Cosplay

Photography by: Wasp’s Nest Photography

Twitter: @hipsterhankpym

Instagram: waspsnestphotography

Submitted by 

So guess who got a feature on WoCC again? ;D

Thanks Joe!



Casual reminder that Nani was on her way to becoming a Professional Surfer before her parents died and she had to drop everything to look after Lilo.

I apologize, I don’t mean to deter from the heart breaking and yet heart warming message,

Nani has a poster of Mulan on her wall.




Look what I found.

An Ancient Relic of times long past.

While the true meaning of these temples have been lost to time, most scholars agree that they were once a gathering hall built to the worship of the gods of old.




$60 (shipped within the US only): includes fully lined blazer, tie, and shorts. Made for 32-25-34, but has give within and inch or so of these measurements


$145 $120 (shipped in the US only): includes wig (Arda brand) [wig sold], hair clips, choker, bodice, and panties. Made for 32-25-34 but has give with 1-2” larger.

Both costumes are in very good condition and were made with tons of love and care. I’d be very happy to see them go to a good home rather than sit tucked away in my cosplay closet for years.

I will accept Paypal only. Please email me at for any inquiries or questions. SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. No exchanges or refunds.

Guys. Buy the things. Or spread the word. Cuz she’s awesome and her stuff is pure gold. I’ve bought my Yuffie Cosplay from her and I used it for almost 5 years. You’ll get your money’s worth, trust me.

:: Beckosaurus ::

Comic fanatic
Science lover
Disney enthusiast
Typical nerd

Feel free to ask questions about anything. :D

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