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Into Infinity

Digimon Adventure-8/1 Memorial


I’m sure there’s already a billion post about this floating around but I’m making my own because IDGAF. I have been SO EMOTIONAL this whole morning and I’m crying and shaking and don’t know how to handle it. Digimon is SO IMPORTANT to me. This is incredible.

I vote that you, firewolf826 and I wear our Digimon cosplays and throw a premiere party. For a party anytime. CUZ DAMMIT WE NEED TO CELEBRATE.
bluucircles Asked:
It's cause Erin and I always cosplay our favorite OTPs. I'm just genuinely that happy every time I'm cosplaying with her. I'm such a doooooorrkkkk.

My answer:

It’s flipping cute. And one day soon we all Cosplay together again MWAHAHA




Make us free na splash! #free #animenext #nagisa #rei #iwatobi #regisa #nagirei

jkgrjkgejkrger I will never stop cosplaying with Erin ever.

I’m having a very emotional gay sports and OTP feels day. So I’m reblogging this pic of me and Erin because it’s so cute and I can’t stop staring at it I ship us so hard I’m such a loser

WHY ARE YOU GUYS ADORABLE. Like seriously it’s everytime you guys Cosplay together.



To thank you guys for hitting this milestone (which by the way, I never thought I would get to, considering just 4 months ago I was super excited that I was about to break 200), I’m gonna do a little giveaway for you lovelies!

❄ Rules:

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CTCon phooooootos~ here are some of my Supergirl Cosplay. Enjoy!

Superman is my friend Will
Photos by Cantera Cosplay, Robert Huang, and GCF Photography

Finally got around to posting some photos from CTCon! Here is a few of my favorite so far. Can’t wait to show you guys the rest when I get them. :D

Anna is The Wrecked Rogue
Photography by the Wasp’s Nest


Selfie Sunday pt 1

Yay for selfies! I am the Supergirl. :3

Comic fanatic.
Science lover.
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